NHS Requirements

Membership Criteria

Membership in the National Honor Society is a privilege, not a right based on the four criteria of scholarship, character, leadership and service. A candidate must qualify in each area in order to be considered for membership.

Scholarship: A student must have a 3.7 grade point average or above.

Character: A student must average a positive teacher/coach/sponsor reponse. In order to do this the sponsor will take all of the evaluation forms and average the total score. A positive response is considered to be a 3.25 out 4 or better.

Leadership: See attached form. A total of seven points are needed to qualify for NHS. Each organization/leadership activity must be signed by that sponsor to qualify.

Community Service: A student must have 25 hours of community service from at least two sources. List your volunteer work or service in community activities such as scouting, church, 4-H, Recreation Commission, helping senior citizens, etc. Community service is defined as doing an activity for someone other than family for which you don’t get monetary compensation.

2023-24 NHS Officers:

President: Jenessa Ruder

Vice President: Ainsley Collins

SAC Representative: Roman Hauser