2012-13 NCHS Dance Team Announced

On Thursday, April 12, tryouts were held for the 2012-13 NCHS Dance team. The 2012-13 NCHS Dance Team members are Adriana Ankenman, Audrie Burge, Kaitlyn Bohl, Morgan Farber, Sami Gordon, Sierra Griffith, Shelbi McKenna, Kelsey Mordecai, Lauren Mordecai, Audrey Morel, Shelby Mulford, and Teal Stewart. Congratulations!!

Forensics First at Osborne

On Thursday, April 12, the NCHS Forensics team traveled to Osborne to compete in the Osborne Invitational. The group continued its excellent season, earning 1st place out of 12 teams. NCHS Individual honors are as follows:

Eric Becker – 1st Extemporaneous and 1st Oration
Alyssa Boser/Jade Braun – 4th Improvised Duet Acting
Rhees Carlson – 1st Poetry
Jade Braun – 2nd Prose
Zach Combs – 5th Oration
Kurt Douglas – 4th Serious solo
Mariah Farber – 2nd Serious Solo
Sami Gordon – 2nd Informative
Jordan Hartwell – 4th Extemporaneous and 5th Prose
Bri Karnopp/Jordyn Gosselin – 5th Improvised Duet Acting 
Wyatt Wentz – 2nd Extemporaneous (New State Qualifier) and 3rd Oration
Ty Burns – 6th Humorous Solo
Shauna Gibson – 3rd Serious solo
Hannah Goss – 2nd Poetry and 3rd Prose
Neysa Carlson – 2nd Humorous Solo
Steve Cummings – 6th Informative
Morgan Farber/Neysa Carlson – 1st Duet

Golfers Continue Season at Goodland

On Tuesday, April 10, the NCHS Golf Team traveled to Goodland to compete in the Goodland Invitational. In team results, the Jays finished in 6th place, and had no individual medalists.

NCHS Results--Goodland Invitational Golf 2012

NCHS Golfers Begin Season at Smith Center

The NCHS Golf team began their 2012 season by traveling to Smith Center to compete in the Smith Center Invitational. In team play, NCHS finished in 2nd place. Individually, Andrew Ellis finished in 6th place.

NCHS Golf Results--Smith Center Invitational 2012

Varsity Track 2nd,5th at Smith Center

On April 10, the NCHS Varsity Team traveled to Smith Center to compete in the Redmen Relays. In team results, the Girls finished in 2nd place, while the Boys finished in 5th.

NCHS Results--Redmen Relays 2012

JV Track Begins Season at Smith Center

On April 2, the NCHS Track Team openend the season at Smith Center by competing in the Smith Center JV Invitational. In team results, the Girls finished in 1st, and the Boys finished in 5th.

NCHS Results--Smith Center JV Track Invitational 2012

Forensics Team 2nd at Colby

On Saturday, March 31, the NCHS Forensics team traveled to Colby to compete in the Colby Forensics Tournament. The team finished 2nd overall in the 10-team tournament. Indivdual NCHS results were as follows:

Jade Braun – 1st Prose (New State Qualifier)
Ashley Hildebrand – 1st Oration (New State Qualifier)
Cody O'Hare – 2nd Informative (New State Qualifier)
Jordan Hartwell – 4th Prose
Shauna Gibson – 4th Serious Solo
Wyatt Wentz – 5th Extemp.
Jordan Hartwell/Lucas Engel – 6th Duet

Forensics Team Wins at Smith Center

The NCHS Forensics team traveled to Smith Center on Thursday, March 29 to compete in the Smith Center Fornsics Tournament. The team was able to take 1st place out of 10 teams. Individual results were as follows:

Rhees Carlson: 1st Poetry
Kurt Douglas: 1st Serious Solo
Alyssa Boser/Jade Braun: 1st IDA   (New State Qualifying Team) 
Hannah Pollock: 1st Informative 
Neysa Carlson: 1st Humorous Solo
Morgan Farber/Neysa Carlson: 1st Duet
Eric Becker: 2nd Oration, 3rd Extemp
Sami Gordon: 2nd Informative (New State Qualifier)
Mariah Farber: 3rd Serious Solo; 5th Prose
Hannah Goss: 3rd Poetry
Connor Griffey: 3rd Prose
Zach Combs: 4th Oration
Cody O'Hare/Leif Carlson: 5th Duet
Leif Carlson: 6th Extemp
Ty Burns: 6th Humorous Solo
Kristen Burge/Steve Cummings: 6th Duet

Cheer Tryouts Held

On Tuesday, March 27, tryouts will be held for the 2012-13 NCHS Cheer Squad. During AP, the contestants will take the Cheer Test to display their knowledge about the sports they will cheer for. Tryouts will then continue at 4:00 pm in Stull Gymnasium. Good Luck to all participants!

NCHS Artist of the Month Announced

The NCHS Artists of the Month for March 2012 have been announced. Student Choice winner is Shauna Gibson and Faculty Choice Winner is Brandy Davis. Congratulations Shauna And Brandy!!

Complete Results: NCHS Artist of the Month--March 2012
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