Forensics Team to Compete in State Competition

On Saturday, May 5, the NCHS Forensics team will travel to Wichita East High School to compete in the Class 3A State Forensics Championships. NCHS students competing are as follows:

Seniors: Eric Becker, Alyssa Boser, Rhees Carlson, Kurt Douglas, Mariah Farber
Juniors: Jade Braun, Sami Gordon, Wyatt Wentz
Sophomores: Kristen Burge, Ty Burns, Leif Carlson, Skylar Davis, Shauna Gibson, Hannah Goss, Ashley Hildebrand, Cody O'Hare, Hannah Pollack, Jared Shelton
Freshmen: Neysa Carlson, Steve Cummings, Morgan Farber

Good Luck to All!!

State Journalism to Compete

The following students will be competing on Friday, May 4 in the KSPA State Journalism contest:

Seniors: Casey Temmel, Kellie Whittenburg, Thea Grizzle, Erin Terrell, Caren Thomson

Junior: Rachel Slipke

Sophomores: Bailey Ambrosier, Makayla Cadwalader, Brandy Davis, Alissa Otter, Katelyn Engelbert, Darcy Bainter, Zach Esslinger

Art Students Participate at FHSU Art Show

On Wednesday, April 18, 22 Art students traveled to the FHSU annual Art Days.  We received 31 Art Certificates and 1st in the sidewalk chalk competition.

The following students received certificates: Julia Kent-5 certificates, Carson Kaiser-4 certificates, Ashley Hildebrand-3, Jade Braun-3, Teslee Nickell-2, Shylo Paxton-2, Teal Stewart-2, Jared Shelton-2, John Risewick-1, Alec Gilgenbach-1, Zach Hartwell-1, Brandy Davis-1, Zach Esslinger-1, Marissa Maddy-1, Gabe Bird-1, and Sami Gordon-1.

2012-13 NCHS Dance Team Announced

On Thursday, April 12, tryouts were held for the 2012-13 NCHS Dance team. The 2012-13 NCHS Dance Team members are Adriana Ankenman, Audrie Burge, Kaitlyn Bohl, Morgan Farber, Sami Gordon, Sierra Griffith, Shelbi McKenna, Kelsey Mordecai, Lauren Mordecai, Audrey Morel, Shelby Mulford, and Teal Stewart. Congratulations!!

Forensics First at Osborne

On Thursday, April 12, the NCHS Forensics team traveled to Osborne to compete in the Osborne Invitational. The group continued its excellent season, earning 1st place out of 12 teams. NCHS Individual honors are as follows:

Eric Becker – 1st Extemporaneous and 1st Oration
Alyssa Boser/Jade Braun – 4th Improvised Duet Acting
Rhees Carlson – 1st Poetry
Jade Braun – 2nd Prose
Zach Combs – 5th Oration
Kurt Douglas – 4th Serious solo
Mariah Farber – 2nd Serious Solo
Sami Gordon – 2nd Informative
Jordan Hartwell – 4th Extemporaneous and 5th Prose
Bri Karnopp/Jordyn Gosselin – 5th Improvised Duet Acting 
Wyatt Wentz – 2nd Extemporaneous (New State Qualifier) and 3rd Oration
Ty Burns – 6th Humorous Solo
Shauna Gibson – 3rd Serious solo
Hannah Goss – 2nd Poetry and 3rd Prose
Neysa Carlson – 2nd Humorous Solo
Steve Cummings – 6th Informative
Morgan Farber/Neysa Carlson – 1st Duet

Forensics Team 2nd at Colby

On Saturday, March 31, the NCHS Forensics team traveled to Colby to compete in the Colby Forensics Tournament. The team finished 2nd overall in the 10-team tournament. Indivdual NCHS results were as follows:

Jade Braun – 1st Prose (New State Qualifier)
Ashley Hildebrand – 1st Oration (New State Qualifier)
Cody O'Hare – 2nd Informative (New State Qualifier)
Jordan Hartwell – 4th Prose
Shauna Gibson – 4th Serious Solo
Wyatt Wentz – 5th Extemp.
Jordan Hartwell/Lucas Engel – 6th Duet

Forensics Team Wins at Smith Center

The NCHS Forensics team traveled to Smith Center on Thursday, March 29 to compete in the Smith Center Fornsics Tournament. The team was able to take 1st place out of 10 teams. Individual results were as follows:

Rhees Carlson: 1st Poetry
Kurt Douglas: 1st Serious Solo
Alyssa Boser/Jade Braun: 1st IDA   (New State Qualifying Team) 
Hannah Pollock: 1st Informative 
Neysa Carlson: 1st Humorous Solo
Morgan Farber/Neysa Carlson: 1st Duet
Eric Becker: 2nd Oration, 3rd Extemp
Sami Gordon: 2nd Informative (New State Qualifier)
Mariah Farber: 3rd Serious Solo; 5th Prose
Hannah Goss: 3rd Poetry
Connor Griffey: 3rd Prose
Zach Combs: 4th Oration
Cody O'Hare/Leif Carlson: 5th Duet
Leif Carlson: 6th Extemp
Ty Burns: 6th Humorous Solo
Kristen Burge/Steve Cummings: 6th Duet

Cheer Tryouts Held

On Tuesday, March 27, tryouts will be held for the 2012-13 NCHS Cheer Squad. During AP, the contestants will take the Cheer Test to display their knowledge about the sports they will cheer for. Tryouts will then continue at 4:00 pm in Stull Gymnasium. Good Luck to all participants!

Forensics Team Wins at Hoisington

On March 10, the NCHS Forensics Team traveled to Hoisington to compete in the Hoisington Forensics Tournament. The Jays finished in 1st place out of 20 teams participating. Individual results were as follows:

Mariah Farber: 2nd Place-Prose
Jared Shelton: 2nd Place-Serious Solo
Eric Becker: 3rd Place-Extemp.
Skylar Davis: 3rd Place-Prose
Hannah Goss: 4th Place-Poetry
Wyatt Wentz: 6th Place-Extemp.
Ashley Hildebrand/Skylar Davis: 6th Place-Duet
Hannah Pollack: 6th Place-Informative

Forensics Team 3rd at Oakley

On Tuesday, March 6, the NCHS Forensics team competed in the Oakley Forensics Tournament. Overall, the team finished in 3rd place: Individual placers were as follows:

Serious Solo: Shauna Gibson 2nd; Kurt Douglas 6th
Humorous Solo: Kristen Burge 6th
Prose: Hannah Goss 2nd
Informative: Sami Gordon 6th

Forensics Team Wins MCL

The NCHS Forensics Team competed in the MCL Forensics Tournament on Monday, March 5. The team was able to garner the Championship Plaque. Individual Places went as follows:

Duet Acting: Morgan Farber/Neysa Carlson 1st; Leif Carlson/Cody O'Hare 2nd
Serious Solo: Mariah Farber/Kurt Douglas 2nd; Jared Shelton/Shauna Gibson 5th
Humorous Solo: Kristen Burge 1st; Ty Burns 3rd
IDA: Alyssa Boser/Kristen Burge 2nd; Rhees Carlson/Steve Cummings 5th
Prose: Jared Shelton 1st; Skylar Davis 3rd
Poetry: Rhees Carlson 3rd; Hannah Goss 4th
Informative: Cody O'Hare 3rd; Hannah Pollack 5th; Sami Gordon 6th
Oration: Eric Becker 2nd; Zach Combs 3rd
Extemp: Eric Becker 2nd; Jordan Hartwell 6th

Scholars Bowl At State

The NCHS Scholars Bowl team will compete at the Class 3A State Scholars Bowl on Saturday, February 11 at Kingman High School. The Jays will compete in pool play against teams from Conway Springs, Wichita Independent, Southeast of Saline, Pittsburg Colgan, and Atchison-Maur Hill. Competing in Pool B will be Neodesha, Moundridge, Russell, Council Grove, Burlington, and Minneapolis. NCHS Team Members include Rhees Carlson, Eric Becker, Brae Bigge, Mariah Farber, Steve Cummings, and Leif Carlson. Good Luck to the Jays!!

Scholars Bowl Team Advances to State!

The NCHS Scholars Bowl Team traveled to Hays to compete in the Class 3A Regional Tournament. Needing a top 3 finish to qualify for State, the team finished in 2nd place and will advance to the Class 3A State Scholars Bowl Saturday, February 11 at Kingman High School. Congratulations!!

NCHS Scholars Bowl Team Kicks Brain

The NCHS Scholars Bowl team hosted its annual Scholars Bowl Competition on Monday, January 30. The 15-team competition was broken into pool play. Norton I finished 2nd in pool play, earning the right to move into the Championship Round. The Jays then defeated Hays High and TMP to earn the Tournament Championship!! Members of the Norton I team included Rhees Carlson, Eric Becker, Steve Cummings, Mariah Farber, Brae Bigge, and Leif Carlson. The Jays will compete at the Class 3A Regional Scholars Bowl this Thursday at TMP.

January 2012 Artists of the Month Announced

The January 2012 Artist of the Month competition has taken place and the winners have been announced. Shylo Paxton and Kelsie Mordecai tied for 1st place in the Faculty Choice, while Shylo Paxton was the winner in the Student Choice category. Congratulations!

January 2012 NCHS Artist of the Month Winners

Scholars Bowl Team 2nd at MCL

On Monday, January 9 the NCHS Scholars Bowl team traveled to Plainville to compete in the MCL Scholars Bowl. Norton finished 2nd in the Round-Robin Tournament.

Overall Results:
1st Smith Center
2nd Norton
3rd Stockton

NCHS team members at MCL were Eric Becker, Rhees Carlson, Leif Carlson, Steve Cummings, Branson Addington, and Alex Riggins.

November Artists of the Month Announced

The NCHS Artists of the Month have been announced:

Faculty Choice: Sami Gordon and Carson Kaiser (tie)
Student Choice: Carson Kaiser

Complete Results: November 2011 NCHS Artist of the Month

NCHS School Play Saturday, Sunday

The 2011 NCHS Fall Play, "The Bachelor King" will be performing on Saturday, November 12 at 7:30 pm and Sunday, November 13 at 2:30 pm. The performances will take place at the East Campus Auditorium. Admission is $5.00 for adults and $4.00 for students. Activity passes will be accepted.

Winter Sports Cheerleaders Announced

On Friday, November 4, NCHS held tryouts for Winter Sports Cheerleaders. The NCHS Winter Sports Cheerleaders added to the squad are Rhees Carlson, Adrienne Hager, Rickele Green, and Brandy Davis. Congratulations!!

Pennies for Patients Results Announced

NCHS once again held their annual Pennies for Patients Challenge. All proceeds go toward the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. This year's competition was among the Advisor Base Period classes at NCHS. It was a VERY spirited competition, with the winning team receiving a lunch at Pizza Hut. This year far exceeded our previous efforts, as the students did a great job and raised $998.69!!! The winning class was Mr. Palmer's ABP class; they raised $156.14 for the cause.

Red Ribbon Week Begins at NCHS

The annual SADD Red Ribbon Week has begun at NCHS. The events for the week are as follows:

Tuesday: "Put A Cap on Drugs" --Wear a cap to school (Ribbons to be placed on car antennas)
Wednesday: "Give Drugs a Slip" --Wear slippers to school
Thursday: "Drugs Turn You Inside Out" --Wear your clothes inside-out to school
Friday: "Wear Your Red Day" --Wear all the red to school you can this day.

Bigge, Wahlmeier Named Homecoming Royalty

Prior to the Football game on Friday, September 23, the NCHS Homecoming Festivities came to its crowning moment: the announcement of the Homecoming Queen and King. The 2011 NCHS Homecoming Queen is Brae Bigge, and the Homecoming King is Jordan Wahlmeier.

Homecoming 2011 Spirit Week Winners

Winners of the Homecoming 2011 Spirit Week Dress-up Days:

Monday (College Team Day)--Anthony Wente, Mariah Farber
Tuesday (Hillbilly Day)--Eric Becker, Rhees Carlson
Wednesday (Color Day)--Jordan Hartwell, Alec Melvin
Thursday (Tacky Day)--Branson Addington, Ruth Kendell
Friday (Blue & Yellow Day)--Chris Morse, Thea Grizzle

Homecoming 2011 Class Floats Winners

Homecoming 2011 Class Float Winners:


Homecoming 2011 Downtown Poster Winners

The following were announced as winners for the Homecoming 2011 Downtown Poster Contest:

1st--"Dismantle the Devils"--Shylo Paxton, Carson Kaiser, Audra Romey
2nd--"Incinerate the Devils"--Brandy Davis, Gabe Bird, Skylar Davis
3rd--"Stun the Devils"--Julia Kent, Seth Antrim, Chris Fisher

Spirit Week 2011 Announced

The following are the themes for NCHS Spirit Week 2011:

Monday: Favorite College Team Day
Tuesday: Hillbilly Day'
Wednesday: Color Day
Thursday: Tacky Day
Friday: Blue and Yellow Day

NCHS Homecoming Court Announced

On Wednesday, September 15, the NCHS student body and faculty selected the 2011 Homecoming Court. This years group includes Queen Candidates Brae Bigge, Alexis Henson, Kylie Nuzum, and Erin Terrell. The King Candidates are Dillon McConney, Tye Nickell, Mitchell Shelton, and Jordan Wahlmeier.
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