NCHS JV Track Postponed

The Trego JV Track meet, scheduled for Monday, April 18, has been postponed.

NCHS Track, Golf Postponed

The Hill City Invitational Track Meet and JV Golf Tournament, originally scheduled for Friday, April 15, have been postponed.

Forensics Competes at Minneapolis

Minneapolis Forensics Tournament Results

Team Results 
Norton - 1st
Phillipsburg - 2nd
Republic County - 3rd

Individual Results
Audrie Burge - 1st Place - Prose (State Qualifier)
Lauren Mordecai - 1st Place - Serious Solo  (State Qualifier)
Shelby Mulford/Tyus Henson - 1st Place - Duet (State Qualifier)
Raenee Patterson - 1st Place - Oration (State Qualifier)
Tyus Henson - 1st Place - Humorous Solo (State Qualifier)
Mariah Addington - 1st Place - Informative (State Qualifier)
Dallas Gosselin - 1st Place - Poetry (State Qualifier)
Audrie Burge - 2nd Place - Poetry (State Qualifier)
Brionnah Fessler - 2nd Place - Oration (State Qualifier)
Lauren Mordecai/Cale Patterson - 2nd Place - Duet (State Qualifier)
Raenee Patterson - 2nd Place - Informative (State Qualifier)
Brian Clavijo - 2nd Place - Serious Solo (State Qualifier)
Lena Shelton - 2nd Place - Prose (New State Qualifier)
Trei Burns/Cale Patterson - 3rd Place - Improvised Duet Acting
Rachel Jones/Trei Burns - 3rd Place - Duet
Macayla Kent - 3rd Place - Serious Solo
Jena Risewick - 3rd Place - Informative
Kira Robertson - 3rd Place - Humorous Solo
Alma Clavijo - 4th Place - Serious Solo
Callie Uehlin - 4th Place - Informative
Callie Uehlin - 4th Place - Oration
Raelynn Slipke/Lena Shelton - 4th Place - Improvised Duet Acting

2016-17 NCHS Cheer Squad Announced

Congratulations to the 2016-17 NCHS Cheer Squad! They are Abbey Auker, Sylence Auker, Jena Risewick, Reagan Musquiz, Madison Stephens, and Emily Woodyard.

NCHS Track Team Opens Season at Home

Comments from Coach Jones:

"We feel like we kicked off our Varsity schedule with an amazing start here at home last Friday.  Our girls team finished the meet in second place, and our boys team won the meet; we love the fact that both teams competed and that they were both able to claim a plaque.

All of our kids got the chance to compete at our home, open entries meet, which is good to see for them.  That first competition is always a fun one, as we get to see where we stack up against ourselves, as well as against others.  Some of our kids put up some very impressive performances for this early, and we are hoping to improve upon our opening performances over the next couple of weeks."

Results: Norton Invitational Track Meet 2016

NCHS Promenade/Prom Saturday, April 8

NCHS Prom 2016 Festivities will be Saturday, April 8. Promenade will begin at 6:30 pm in Stull Gym, with Prom festivities to begin shortly after.

Forensics Competes at Phillipsburg

Phillipsburg Forensics Tournament Results

Team Results
1st - Norton 
2nd -Hodgeman County
3rd - TMP-Marion

Individual Results
Lauren Mordecai - 1st Place - Serious Solo (State Qualifier) 
Shelby Mulford/Tyus Henson - 1st Place - Duet (State Qualifier) 
Raenee Patterson - 1st Place - Informative (State Qualifier) 
Raenee Patterson - 1st Place - Oration (State Qualifier) 
Tyus Henson - 1st Place - Humorous Solo (State Qualifier) 
Kennedy Leibbrandt - 1st Place - Impromptu (State Qualifier) 
Kennedy Leibbrandt - 1st Place - Extemporaneous (State Qualifier) 
Layton Miller - 2nd Place - Impromptu (State Qualifier) 
Callie Uehlin - 2nd Place - Informative (State Qualifier)
Stacie Elliot - 2nd Place - Extemporaneous (State Qualifier) 
Cale Patterson/Ryan Johnson - 3rd Place - Improvised Duet Acting
Stacie Elliot - 3rd Place Impromptu 
Trei Burns/Rachel Jones - 4th Place - Duet 
Brionnah Fessler - 4th Place - Oration
Chris Lowry - 4th Place - Poetry
Alma Clavijo - 4th Place - Serious Solo
Audrie Burge - 5th Place - Prose
Lauren Mordecai/Cale Patterson - 5th Place - Duet
Christine Figurski - 5th Place - Impromptu 
Macayla Kent - 5th Place - Serious Solo
Mariah Addington - 5th Place - Informative
Callie Uehlin - 5th Place - Oration 
Leah David - 6th Place - Informative 
Eden Nickell - 6th Place - Prose

NCHS to Host Track Meet

The NCHS Track Team will open its season hosting the Norton Invitational on Friday, April 8. Field Events begin at 3:00 pm with running events starting approximately 5:00 pm.

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